Welcome to the Novel Format Conjugates Summit

Built with Genentech, AstraZeneca, Starpharma, Avidity, and Guardian Therapeutics, join 80+ key leaders and decision makers as they reimagine traditional ADCs and discuss their novel format technologies.

The inaugural Novel Format Conjugates Summit exclusively focuses on the common challenges across early research and development of next generation Non-Traditional ‘ADCs’, or alternative format conjugates approaches for oncology and beyond. This meeting delves into the different technologies of these novel-format conjugates, exploring how conjugation chemistry is affected for different kinds of therapeutic modalities, and the impact an alternative format ADC has on targeting.

As we look to the future of drug development of novel conjugates, you will get the chance to hear the cutting-edge science accelerating the development of Bispecific ADCs, Radio-conjugates, ISACs, SMDCs, Probody conjugates, Liposomal drug conjugates, Oligonucleotide conjugates and many more.

Engage in cross-industry discussions and presentations from over 20 expert speakers across 3 unmissable days and equip yourself with the tools to develop novel format ADCs with an improved therapeutic potential so we can bring more drugs to patients of unmet needs.

A Preview of the Speaker Faculty:

Gavin Bennet

Head of Pre-Clinical Development

Bicycle Therapeutics

Jarrod Longcor

Chief Business Officer & SVP of Operations

Cellectar Biosciences

Ramana Doppalapudi

Vice President of Chemistry

Avidity Biosciences

Shelley Ackerman

Associate Director & Project Team Lead

Bolt Biotherapeutics

Amy Han

Senior Director


Mike Wheatcroft

Chief Scientist

Telix Pharmaceuticals

Nick Yoder

Direction, Bioconjugation

Magenta Therapeutics

Thomas Pillow

Senior Scientist